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What is the address for Bodisen's corporate headquarters? (see Map)
Bodisen is a State of Delaware registered US company with its main operations in China. Its headquarters and customers are mainly located in China:
Bodisen Biotech, Inc.
North Xinqiao Road
Yang ling Agricultural High-Tech Industries Demonstration Zone, Yang ling, Shaanxi, China

When did Bodisen become a public company and what is its share structure?
Bodisen became a public company in March 2004. Bodisen shares are quoted on the Pink Sheets under the symbol: "BBCZ" and in February 2006 Bodisen shares were dually listed on the London Stock Exchange AIM market via an IPO under the symbol "BODI". As of June 2006, Bodisen had 18,176,917 shares of common stock outstanding.

Has Bodisen completed any financing?
March 2005: $3 million convertible debt; December 2005: $5 million debt; February 2006: $21.5 million equivalent in British Pound, dual listing IPO ($12.99 per share) in London (Advisors: Charles Stanley of UK, US and China advisor New York Global Group, legal counsels Jones Day and ReedSmith, and reporting accountant Deloitte & Touche); March 2006: $5.32 million equity at $14 per share. (Advisors: London investment bank Charles Stanley and the China subsidiary of Wall Street firm New York Global Group. Law firms Jones Day and Sichenzia Ross Friedman Ference acted as legal counsels).

When did Bodisen begin its operations?
A US company, Bodisen operates through its wholly owned subsidiaries located in China. Bodisen's business in China was started in August 2001.

When is Bodisen's fiscal year end?
December 31. Bodisen files quarterly and annual reports with the SEC. The company is in good standing with all SEC filings.

How is Bodisen's financial performance?
2003: Revenue - $9.8 million;
2004: Revenue - $16.23 million;           
2005: Revenue - $30.98 million;           
2006 - 1Q: Revenue: $10.54 million;    
Net income: $1.97 million
Net income: $5.05 million
Net income: $7.43 million
Net income: $2.68 million

Who are Bodisen's Board Members?
The majority of Bodisen's 3 person Board members are independent directors:
Ms. Karen Qiong Wang, Board Member
Mr. Robert Bo Chen, President & Chairman & CEO
Mr. Chenglin Guo, Board Member

How to obtain a copy of Bodisen's most recent quarterly and annual reports?
Please visit the website of the US Securities & Exchange Commission, by clicking here.

How to obtain additional information, including news release from Bodisen?
Complete company news releases are available on this website.

How many employees does Bodisen have?
As of March 2006, Bodisen had close to 200 employees.

Who is Bodisen's independent auditor?
As a dual listed public company, Bodisen complies with both US and UK financial reporting requirements. The company's financials are audited under US GAAP accounting standard.
US: Clement C. W. Chan & Co.
UK: Clement C. W. Chan & Co.

Who is Bodisen's legal counsel?
Sichenzia Ross Friedman Ference LLP. The law firm is an expert on corporate matters and has an extensive SEC practice serving a wide range of public companies.




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