Our Customers

Bodisen has a large target market in China. In a country of 1.3 billion people, approximately 900 million Chinese are farmers who widely use all kinds of fertilizers to increase crop yields. The choice is simple: traditional chemical fertilizers which deplete soil nutrients versus environmentally friendly Bodisen brand fertilizers which enrich the soil. Bodisen clearly has an advantage; providing environmentally friendly fertilizers which preserve the land while increasing their crop yields as much as 35%.

Since Bodisen's inception almost five years ago, the Bodisen brand has been aggressively marketed and promoted through trade fairs, conventions and advertising campaigns throughout China. Because the end-user for Bodisen products is the local farmer, Bodisen utilizes local educational seminars to explain the benefits of organic farming while providing the farmers with free samples to allow them to test the product and compare it to current yields. Results of these trials are then promoted throughout the area.

Bodisen products are sold directly to farmers through an extensive nationwide distribution network. This network today consists of over 600 national wholesale distribution outlets and increasing. Bodisen's three categories of products: compound fertilizer, liquid fertilizer and pesticides are sold in 20 of the 30 provinces in China. The company's newly completed manufacturing facilities are the largest in the Shaanxi Province, which is the agricultural hub of China.

In 2006 and beyond, Bodisen plans to establish nationwide manufacturing site and OEM manufacture Bodisen brand products through quality control and aggressive nationwide marketing campaign.

That's us, Bodisen Biotech; we feed the growth of China with environmentally friendly bio fertilizer products.


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