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Innovation to Feed China's Expanding Population
A profitable, industry leading Chinese bio Fertilizer Company organized under the law of the State of Delaware. The company engages in the business of manufacturing and marketing of a leading brand of organic fertilizer product lines to the five leading agricultural provinces of China. Managed by the company's founders, Bodisen is not only a leading manufacturer but also one of the foremost Chinese R&D firms of new fertilizer products in China. Located in the heart of the Shaanxi Province, the economic center to the vast Western Regions of China, Bodisen produces numerous proprietary product lines, from pesticides to crop specific fertilizer. The company's products enjoy higher price premiums over competitor's brands. Subsequent to Bodisen's environmentally friendly manufacturing practices; it has been widely cited and awarded in the Chinese media for its environmental stewardship. Consequently to the company's successful marketing plans, Bodisen is well recognized in Shaanxi province.

Bodisen has been active in supporting the objectives of the national agricultural plan of promoting a more self-sufficient agricultural sector that can feed and support the country's requirement for food. To support a growing population and increasing middle class appetite for better quality agricultural products in China and coupled with government investment and technical support, Bodisen has been able to participate in R&D programs that have enhanced its environmentally friendly fertilizer products. With the mandate of the national government to promote and increase crop yields for the purpose of decreasing China's dependency of food imports, Bodisen has been able to rapidly expand and maintain its earnings growth.
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