Bodisen Biotech, Inc.-

A Delaware registered US public company, the largest China based environmentally friendly bio fertilizer company.

BBC Rings Opening Bell at Amex, Sept 29 2005
Bodisen Rings Opening Bell Dual Listing on the London Stock Exchange, Feb 6 2006
Deloitte & Touche Auditors Conducted Field Audits at Bodisen (Nov 2005)
Bodisen Signs Product Supply Contracts with Xinjiang Government (June 2006)

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Bodisen Biotech Inc. was awarded two titles

Bodisen announces the death of its Independent Director

Bodisen Biotech Inc. was awarded two titles

Bodisen Biotech, Inc. Announces Results of First Annual Town Hall Meeting held in Xinjiang Province

Bodisen Biotech, Inc. Announces First Annual Town Hall Meeting in Xinjiang Province

Bodisen Biotech reports that New York Federal Court presiding over the eight consolidated class actions against Bodisen and its management grants initial motion to dismiss the cases.

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LASTEST UPDATE: June 27,2013

Bodisen is dually quoted on the OTCBB with the ticker symbol of BBCZ and the London Stock Exchange (AIM: BODI). Total shares outstanding as of June 27, 2013: 21,510,250 shares.

We are the 16th fastest growing company in China ranked by Forbes China (January 2006). Our Chinese government certified organic fertilizer products improve China's environment. Bodisen's manufacturing process is based on sophisticated proprietary agricultural technologies. Our product ingredients do not contain manure or other waste products. China is the largest fertilizer market in the world (US$17 billion per year). Throughout China, chemical fertilizers have destroyed soil composition to a point where micro-organisms are not able to regenerate naturally, therefore decreasing crop yields. China's ongoing efforts to balance its roaring economy and diminishing environmental conditions have created the need to obtain a series of bio-based fully degradable fertilizer products that improve the conditions of soil and water. Since 2001, Bodisen has emerged as one of China's most recognized bio-fertilizer brands, serving a target market of 900 million Chinese farmers. Our products substantially improve declining soil quality due to years of over farming. To better understand the chemical fertilizer industry, please see select information from the Fertilizer Industry report published by Banc of America Securities dated June 9, 2006.

Our dual listing IPO in London completed in Feb 2006 with Deloitte & Touche as our reporting accountant and large global law firms as legal advisors made us the largest (market cap) China based company on the London Stock Exchange AIM market. As an AMEX listed US company, our dual listing IPO in London completed in Feb 2006 was the first US company's SEC registration (SB-2 offering prospectus was declared effective, filed with the SEC on Feb 7, 2006) of new share offering on the London Stock Exchange AIM market. Our £12 million (Approximately US$21.5 million) IPO offering in London was 3.5 times over subscribed by UK institutional investors. Bodisen is in compliance with dual regulatory requirements - US and UK.

Our strength: distinctive products and extensive marketing and distribution networks throughout China. Bodisen's products have many advantages over chemical fertilizers. We have one of the largest agricultural product distribution networks reaching over 60% of China's agricultural markets. Our products are sold through exclusive wholesalers nationwide. Our fertilizer products improve crop yields by 10% to 35% and are sold at prices similar to chemical fertilizers. Higher crop yields directly improve the lifestyles of 900 million Chinese farmers whose livelihoods are almost solely dependent upon their crop yields; our organic fertilizer produced fruits and vegetables are government certified as "organic produce" which command as much as 200% higher in retail prices compared to non-organic produce, therefore substantially increase farmers income level; ease of use: Bodisen's compound fertilizer products are applied one time while each type of chemical fertilizers may have to be applied separately.

We are a highly profitable, one stop solution provider of the entire planting needs for farmers. With over 60 different products in four categories: compound fertilizers, liquid fertilizers, pesticides, and agricultural raw materials, we enjoy on average net margin of approximately 30% across our product lines. Our products are sold in all seasons. We have a strong balance sheet without long term debts. We have experienced rapid growth in sales and earnings in the recent years. Bodisen manufactures and markets environmentally friendly bio fertilizer products that consist of over 20 various crop growth nutrients including minerals, vitamins and bioactive ingredients that help loosen soil thus improve plant growth.

We grow our business in a favorable market environment. The agricultural industry is strongly supported by the Chinese government. China is one of the largest importers of grains in the world. Much of China's urban population of 500 million depends on imported grains to support higher demand for meat. In order to reduce dependence on foreign grains, the Chinese government supports the agricultural industry by providing many incentives to agricultural product companies. Bodisen enjoys tax free status and is exempt from sales tax, VAT, agricultural product tax and income tax (income tax holiday through the end of 2007 and renewable thereafter).

President Bo Chen with US Legal Counsel (May 18, 2006)
With Governor Chen Deming of Shaanxi Province (May 18, 2006)
Bodisen CEO with Institutional Investors (May 18, 2006)
Bodisen Chairman of Audit Committe Mr. Patrick McManus (May 18, 2006)

Bodisen Management Inspects Cotton Fields in Xinjiang (June 2006)


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