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Bodisen Biotech, Inc. (BBCZ.PK, BODI.L, AIM) has made substantial progress on the construction of its newest facility in Xinjiang province.As shown by the accompanying pictures, construction is near completion with the exception of the boiler facility which is under way. R&D department is testing the local soil and adjusting the production formula.

This project will significantly expand Bodisen's capacity in a completely new market while production at its existing facilities continues.

Chairman and CEO Bo Chen holds the site meeting

Bird view of Bodisen Xinjiang facility

COO Chunsheng Wang and local fire protection governor Shengjie Cui inspect the construction site

The view from entrance to facility. Material and production transportation road

No.1 facility with 100,000 metric tons of production capacity

No.2 facility with 100,000 metric tons of compound production capacity

Electricity room has completed. Relevant facility is under way

Boiler room is constructing. Boiler installation is under way


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