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Bodisen Biotech, Inc. is honored on the 2007 Shaanxi Economic Development Annual Summit Meeting

2007 Shaanxi Economic Development Annual Summit Meeting was held on January 5, 2008 in XiĄŻan Hotel. The pioneering individuals and companies, the top 10 economic individuals and the top 10 harmonious companies in Shaanxi were elected on the meeting.

Bodisen Biotech, Inc. was honored as Shaanxi New Image Company.

Karen Wang, the former Chairman, was honored as the top 10 outstanding and harmonious enterprisers.

About Bodisen Biotech, Inc.

Bodisen Biotech, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of liquid and organic compound fertilizers, pesticides, insecticides and agricultural raw materials certified by the Petroleum Chemical Industry Administrative Office of China (Chemical Petroleum Production Administrative Bureau), Shaanxi provincial government and Chinese government. The Company is headquartered in Shaanxi province and is a Delaware corporation. The Company's environmentally friendly ``green'' products have been proven to improve soil and plant quality and increase crop yields.

Bodisen Biotech, Inc.
Scott King, US Representative
(219) 939-3073


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