Bodisen manufactures and markets environmentally friendly bio fertilizer products that consist of over 20 various crop growth nutrients including minerals, vitamins and bioactive ingredients that help loosen soil thus improve plant growth. Certified by the Chinese government as "organic bio fertilizers", Bodisen's manufacturing process is based on sophisticated agricultural technologies. Our ingredients do not contain manure or other waste products.

Our Production Capacity: As of June 2006, our compound fertilizer products are manufactured via two production lines located in the Yangling area where we maintain our headquarter. Our two productions lines at located approximately half a mile apart. Our older facility was established in 2001 and our new facility was completed in 2005. Our total annual production capability from the two production lines for organic bio compound fertilizers is 200,000 metric tons.

Broken down into 3 product types, Bodisen produces over 60 packaged products. Our products are sold in all seasons. On average, we maintain net income margin of approximately 30%:

1.  Organic compound fertilizer - found to rapidly increase yields within one planting season in a variety of crops including, wheat, maize, tobacco and various vegetable and fruit crops.

2.  Liquid fertilizer - is a series of products that can be applied to fruit trees and vegetable crops. By applying liquid fertilizer during the early stages of a plant's development, plants will easily absorb the key elements and nutrients of the fertilizer. Bodisen's liquid fertilizer has been proven to increase yield, shorten time to harvest, and improve appearance and overall quality of the final product.

3. Pesticides and Insecticides - Bodisen's 'value-added' pesticide products can be applied to all fruit trees and vegetable crops. This will eliminate harmful bugs that reduce overall crop yields and provides assurance of a bountiful harvest.



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