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Bodisen Biotech Inc. is going to enter liquor market


Bodisen Biotech Inc. was awarded two titles


Bodisen announces the death of its Independent Director

25/05/09 Bodisen Biotech Inc. was awarded two titles
8/12/08 Bodisen Biotech, Inc. Announces Results of First Annual Town Hall Meeting held in Xinjiang Province
29/10/08 Bodisen Biotech, Inc. Announces First Annual Town Hall Meeting in Xinjiang Province
01/10/08 Bodisen Biotech reports that New York Federal Court presiding over the eight consolidated class actions against Bodisen and its management grants initial motion to dismiss the cases.

¡°Bodisen¡± brand compound fertilizer was awarded as ¡°National inspection-free product¡±

07/01/08 Bodisen Biotech, Inc. is honored on the 2007 Shaanxi Economic Development Annual Summit Meeting
16/11/07 Statement by Bodisen Biotech CEO Bo Chen Regarding Litigation in China Related to Stock Shares in China Natural Gas
21/08/07 Bodisen Board of Directors Selects Auditor
13/08/07 Bodisen Biotech Suffers Product and Raw Material Loss Due to Flooding
02/08/07 Bodisen Biotech Announces New Chief Financial Officer, First Export Contract and New U.S. Representative

Bodisen Biotech, Inc. Reports Preliminary Financial Results for Fiscal Year 2006


Bodisen Biotech Inc. was awarded three titles


Bodisen Biotech Receives Notice of Delisting From the Amex


Bodisen Biotech Anticipates Notice of Delisting from the Amex, Announces That It Will Delay the Filing of its Annual Report on Form 10-K and Provides Updated Information Regarding Stock Ownership


Ms. Qiong Wang, Director and former CEO of Bodisen,Won the Award of ¡°China Pioneering Talent of 2006¡±


Bodisen Biotech Provides 2006 Updated Guidance and Operations Update


Bo Chen Elected as Chairman and CEO of Company


Bodisen Biotech Provides Clarifying Information on Past Consulting Relationship with New York Global Group


Bodisen Biotech Receives Preliminary Determination from Amex


Bodisen Biotech Announces Results of Annual Stockholders Meeting


Qiong Wang honored as innovative person






Bodisen Biotech Reports Third Quarter Financial Results


Bodisen Biotech Receives a Letter From American Stock Exchange--Company Postpones Q3 Earnings Conference Call


Bodisen Biotech, Inc. to Report Third Quarter 2006 Financial Results on November 15, 2006

18/10/06 Bodisen Biotech Expects Strong Revenues and Net Income Growth for Third Quarter Ended September 30, 2006
02/10/06 Bodisen Biotech Nominated as One of Five Finalists for AIM ¡°International Company of the Year¡± Award, Receives Bank Association of Shaanxi Honor
29/09/06 Bodisen Biotech Ends Relationship with New York Global Group
30/08/06 Bodisen Biotech to Present at the Roth Capital Partners 2006 New York Conference on September 6th
15/08/06 Bodisen Biotech to Present at the Roth Capital Partners 2006 New York Conference in Early September
14/08/06 Bodisen Biotech Reports Record Second Quarter Financial Results
09/08/06 Bodisen Biotech to Report Financial Results for the Second Quarter Ended June 30, 2006 on August 14, 2006
10/07/06 Bodisen Biotech Expects Record Revenues and Net Income for Second Quarter Ended June 30,2006
22/06/06 Bodisen Biotech Signs 200,000 Metric Tons of New Fertilizer (Approximately $45 Million) Supply Contracts
19/06/06 Bodisen Biotech Joins Russell Microcap Index
15/06/06 Bodisen Biotech Announces Completion of Road Construction
19/05/06 Bodisen Biotech Hosted Institutional Investors in Yangling, Management to Conduct Investor Meetings in New York
09/05/06 Bodisen Biotech Reports Record First Quarter Earnings
05/05/06 Bodisen to Announce First Quarter 2006 Earnings on May 9, 2006
03/05/06 Bodisen Biotech Inc. Issues Statement Regarding Recent Events
01/05/06 Chicago Board Options Exchange Lists Options of Bodisen Biotech, Inc.
26/04/06 Bodisen Biotech Signs $2.4 Million in New Contracts
18/04/06 Bodisen President Receives Award, Company Affirms Year 2006 Sales and Earnings Guidance
10/04/06 Two Investment Brokerage Firms Update Equity Research Coverage for Bodisen Biotech, Inc.
04/04/06 Bodisen Biotech Sees Record 1st Quarter Net Income, Company Provides Guidance for Accelerated Sales and Earnings Growth in 2006
28/03/06 Bodisen Biotech Reports Record Earnings Per Share of $0.56 in 2005, Net Income Up 75%, Revenues Up 91%
27/03/06 Bodisen Biotech Will Report Year 2005 Audited Financials on Tuesday March 28th 2006 at 8AM Eastern Standard Time
20/03/06 Bodisen Biotech Sees Accelerated Earnings Growth in 2006, Company Has a Strong Balance Sheet with Approximately $26 Million in Cash
16/03/06 Bodisen Biotech Expects to Report Record Year-over-Year Results for 2005
15/02/06 Bodisen Biotech to Present at the Roth Capital Partners 18th Annual Growth Conference
13/02/06 Bodisen Biotech Launches New Product, Expands into Agricultural Raw Materials Market, Bodisen Sees Strong Customer Demand
06/02/06 Bodisen Biotech Completes Dual Listing of Shares on the London Stock Exchange AIM, Raised GBP 12 Million (US$21.36 million) in Strategic Financing with UK Institutional Investors, Bodisen Management Rings Opening Bell in London
24/01/06 China Eliminates 50 Year Old Agricultural Tax, Bodisen Biotech Sees Increased Sales in 2006 and Beyond
17/01/06 Forbes Magazine Ranks Bodisen Biotech Among the Top 20 Growth Companies in China
07/12/05 Bodisen Biotech Retains The Piacente Group as U.S. Investor Relations Counsel
06/12/05 Bodisen Biotech Signs US$43 Million in Contracts, Sees Record Earnings for 2006 and Continued Favorable Market Environment
03/11/05 Bodisen Biotech Announces 3rd Quarter Earnings of $0.22 per Share, 94% Increase in Revenue and 80% Increase in Net Income
02/11/05 Bodisen Biotech, Inc. Will Announce Record 3rd Quarter Earnings in the Morning of November 3, 2005 Before Market Opens
29/08/05 Bodisen Biotech, Inc. - the First China Based Bio Fertilizer Company Listed on a US Stock Exchange
25/08/05 Bodisen Biotech, Inc. Approved for Listing on the American Stock Exchange, New Stock Symbol "BBC"
23/08/05 Bodisen Biotech Announces Record Second Quarter Earnings of $0.17 per Share, 99% Increase in Revenue and 48% Increase in Net Income
15/07/05 Bodisen Biotech Hosts London Investment Bank, Engages Deloitte & Touche as Auditor, and Launches Dual Listing on the London Stock Exchange AIM Market
21/06/05 Wall Street Firm New York Global Securities Issues Updated Research Coverage for Bodisen Biotech
08/06/05 The SEC Declared Effective Bodisen Biotech's Recent SB-2 Registration Statement and Bodisen Successfully Hosts Global Fund Managers in Yang Ling
20/05/05 Bodisen Biotech Announces Record First Quarter Earnings of $0.08 Per Share, an Increase of 166%
17/05/05 Bodisen Biotech Announces Record Earnings for the First Quarter of 2005
16/05/05 BODISEN BIOTECH, INC Files SEC form 10QSB, Quarterly Report
10/05/05 Bodisen Biotech Will Report Record First Quarter Earnings
09/04/05 Bodisen Biotech, Inc. Financials
05/04/05 Bodisen Biotech Appoints Global Law Firm Reed Smith as Legal Counsel
31/03/05 Bodisen Biotech Reports Earnings Per Share of $0.33 for 2004 and a 155% Increase in Net Income
31/03/05 BODISEN BIOTECH, INC Files SEC form 10KSB, Annual Report
16/03/05 BODISEN BIOTECH, INC Files SEC form 8-K, Entry Material Agreement, Financial Obligation Matter, Sale of Equity, Finan
16/03/05 Bodisen Biotech Completes $3 Million Financing by Strategic Institutional Investor
15/03/05 Bodisen Biotech Announces Completion of New Manufacturing Facility and Sees Record 2005 Earnings
09/02/05 Bodisen Biotech Received Contracts Totaling $27.4 Million in January for 2005 Product Delivery
20/01/05 Forbes Magazine Presents Award in Shanghai to Bodisen Biotech As One of China's Top 100 Growth Companies(PDF)
18/01/05 Chinese Government Eliminates Agriculture Tax, Benefiting 800 Million Chinese Farmers(PDF)
12/01/05 Forbes Magazine Ranks Bodisen Biotech Among China's Top 100 Growth Companies(PDF)
11/01/05 Bodisen Biotech Receives $9.88 Million in Contracts at China National Agricultural Expo(PDF)
14/12/04 Bodisen Biotech Sees Record 4th Quarter Earnings(PDF)
30/11/04 Bodisen Biotech Receives $11.9 Million in Contracts at China Agricultural Expo(PDF)
18/11/04 Institutional Investors Completed Visit to Bodisen in China, Joined by Bodisen's Chairman of Audit Committee and Prominent Law Firm Partner(PDF)
09/11/04 Bodisen Biotech, Inc. Financials(PDF)
03/11/04 Bodisen Biotech Announces $0.10 Per Share in Record Third Quarter Earnings, Net Income up 184%(PDF)
03/11/04 BODISEN BIOTECH, INC Files SEC form 10QSB, Quarterly Report(PDF)
03/11/04 Bodisen Biotech to Report Record 3rd Quarter Earnings on Wednesday November 3, 2004 After Market Close(PDF)
27/10/04 Bodisen Biotech Expects to Release Record 3rd Quarter Financial Results in the Week of November 5, 2004(PDF)
18/10/04 Bodisen Hosts Institutional Road Show in China and Sees Record 3rd Quarter Earnings(PDF)
14/10/04 Bodisen Biotech's New Environmentally Friendly Pesticide Products Received Recommendation from the Chinese Ministry of Agriculture(PDF)
13/09/04 Bodisen Biotech Sees Record 3rd Quarter Earnings, Received $4.2 Million in Contracts(PDF)
13/09/04 Bodisen Biotech To Initiate Road Shows in the U.S. and Europe, Launches "Bodisen on Video" On Its Website(PDF)
09/09/04 Bodisen Biotech Receives $4.2 Million in Contracts, Sees Strong 3rd Quarter Financial Performance(PDF)
24/08/04 Bodisen Biotech Introduces New High Margin Environmentally Friendly Pesticide Product, Sees Positive Impact to Earnings(PDF)
12/08/04 Bodisen Biotech Announces Expansion of Manufacturing Capacity to Meet Strong Customer Demand(PDF)
04/08/04 Bodisen Biotech, Inc. Financials(PDF)
30/07/04 Bodisen Biotech Sees Strong Earnings Momentum for Remainder of 2004(PDF)
29/07/04 Bodisen Biotech Announces $0.12 Per Share in Record Second Quarter Earnings, Net Income up 174% and Sees Strong Earnings Momentum for Remainder of 2004(PDF)
28/07/04 Bodisen Biotech to Report Record 2nd Quarter Earnings on Wednesday July 28, 2004 after Market Close(PDF)
23/07/04 Bodisen Biotech to Report Record 2nd Quarter 2004 Financial Results in the Week of July 26, 2004(PDF)
08/07/04 Bodisen Biotech Sees Record Second Quarter Earnings and is Approved for Dual Listing on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange(PDF)
25/06/04 Bodisen Biotech Outlines Growth Strategies, Sees Strong Revenue and Earnings for Year 2004(PDF)
15/06/04 Bodisen Receives Credit Worthiness Certification and Updates on Its AMEX Listing Application(PDF)
10/06/04 Bodisen Brand Receives National Award and Company Successfully Expands Nationwide Product Distribution Network in China(PDF)
18/05/04 Bodisen Biotech, Inc. Reports Strong First Quarter 2004 Results(PDF)
10/05/04 Former Deputy Director of the Chinese Academy of Water and Soil Preservation Joins the Board of Directors of Bodisen Biotech, Inc.(PDF)
10/05/04 Bodisen Biotech, Inc. Welcomes David Gatton, President of Development Initiatives Inc, and Former Deputy CEO of the U.S. Conference of Mayors, to Its Board of Directors(PDF)
10/05/04 Former Mayor Patrick McManus Joins the Board of Directors of Bodisen Biotech, Inc.(PDF)
29/04/04 Bodisen Biotech, Inc. Receives $3.6 Million in Contracts(PDF)
06/04/04 Bodisen Biotech, Inc. Announces Approval for Listing in mergent Manual and News Reports(PDF)
31/03/04 Bodisen Biotech, Inc. Reports 100% Revenue Increase & 200% Increase In Net Income for 2003 (PDF)

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